Seeds by Design 2019 Trials

August 16, Maxwell, CA

Seeds by Design annually hosts an open trial for all our customers, showcasing many of our specialty products and small plot productions. We commonly refer to the trial as our living catalog. Many of our customers use this as an opportunity to choose new items and photograph varieties for their next marketing year.

You are welcome to stop by anytime from July to October, to view the warm season gardens. If you would like to reserve a space, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at or (530) 438-2126. We look forward to visiting with you!

Species List

Listed below are the different species we have in our trials and their peak evaluation. 


4599 McDermott Rd.
Maxwell, CA 95955

Species Peak Evaluation
Basil 8/1/19
Herb 8/1/19
Flower 8/1/19
Beans 8/17/19
Okra 8/17/19
Sunflowers 8/17/19
Melon 8/17/19
Summer Squash 8/17/19
Watermelon 8/17/19
Eggplant 8/17/19
Tomatillo 8/17/19
Pepper 8/24/19
Tomato 8/24/19
Cucumber 8/31/19
Gourd 8/31/19
Pumpkin 8/31/19
Winter Squash 8/31/19
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