About Us

Seeds by Design:

Seeds by Design proudly celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2014. We do numerous promotional activities each year through email blasts and printed advertisements. Keep in mind these important key points about Seeds by Design:

1. Large versatile product line, bred and selected for the Home Garden Market.
2. Unique specialty varieties which can be exclusive.
3. Consider joining the new culinary/foodie craze. The Food Network is the fastest growing cable TV network.
4. Customer service is important at SBD. Please feel free to contact any staff members with your needs. All staff bios and contact information are included in our booklet. Your opinions and concerns count so please forward us your comments. We can only make our business better with your help.
5. Consider visiting our trials and production fields. View our grower direct marketing chain.
6. View our web site SeedsbyDesign.com as a photo and description resource. We are updating it all the time to better serve you.
7. Get involved in other industry organizations and associations. See our current annual list of events in back of the meeting book.
8. We consider our customers family. Come be a part of our growing network!

Terra Organics:

The organic market is young and growing quickly.  We do numerous promotional activities each year through email blasts and printed advertisements. Our key messages are listed below - keep in mind these important key points about Terra Organics:

1. Market leader in “Certified Organic” seed.
2.  We pride ourselves on being up to date on new legislation and procedures. No organic question should go un- asked. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the organic industry.
3. Be active in the new safe food movement. Encourage everyone to plant a garden.
4. Education starts at home.  Help teach the younger generation about the benefits of growing your own food and gardening.
      a. Food safety
      b. Exercise
      c. Less expensive food
      d. Rewarding for the whole family
5.  Expand your product listing by offering blends and mixtures like Gourmet Salads or Cosmic Colored Carrots.