Vigna unguiculata Beans


  • 77 days to maturity. The Asparagus Green bean is an excellent variety for home gardeners! The green pods grow up to 26 inches long with red seeds. At 18 inches long, the bean is tender, while at full length, it is crisper. The Asparagus Green bean is a trouble-free variety, leading to delicious and gorgeous beans in your garden. The Asparagus Green bean can be eaten fresh, steamed, stir-fried, or sautéed. The possibilities are endless with this long bean!
  • Maturity Low: 85
  • Height: 5-9 ft
  • Spread: 18 in

Characteristics & Attributes

Federal Min Germ
BEAN ASPARAGUS GREEN POD Vigna unguiculata Beans from Seeds by Design