Cucurbita pepo Pumpkin


  • The newest All-America Selections award winning pumpkin Pepitas is a winner in both the decorative and culinary arenas. Pepitas is named for its hulless or naked seeds (pepitas) that lack the tough outer hull making them easier to eat either fresh or roasted. Pepitas are a delicious and nutritious treat with many health benefits! Each high yield plant produces numerous uniform medium sized (9 – 12 lb) pumpkins on healthy disease resistant vines. This confectionary type of pumpkin produces beautiful orange fruits that at maturity have decorative green stripes. What an interesting change of pace for your fall decorations.
  • Seed Count: 3200

Characteristics & Attributes

Federal Min Germ
PUMPKIN HYBRID - PEPITAS F1 Cucurbita pepo Pumpkin from Seeds by Design